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Some members of the SAS Nature team. From left to right: Monique, Raynald and Gisèle Benoit, Florent Langevin, Monique Hébert, Mathieu Langevin, Rolland Palardy, Odette Langevin, Sylvain Langevin and Eric Archambault.

The Society of Art and Science for Nature

Art to move, Science to understand and Nature to survive!

Founded in June 2008 by the Benoit family and many of its collaborators, the Society of Art and Science for Nature (SAS Nature) has a mandate to educate the public about wildlife protection and the conservation of natural habitats. As its name suggests, this non-profit organization uses art and science as educational tools, mainly through the work of Monique, Gisele and Raynald Benoit, well-known figures in the fields of wildlife art and nature documentaries.


​Once upon a time there were three naturalists

The work of the Benoit family has been internationally recognized, awarded and broadcast for thirty years. The documentaries In the Company of Moose, The Grouse, an Exceptional Bird, and the series Wilderness Encounters aired on CBC and ARTV, have impacted the public while showing nature from a different angle.

In 1997, a retrospective exhibition of Gisèle and Monique Benoit's paintings (The Benoits, Ambassadors of Nature) was presented by the Musée du Fjord, in Saguenay, where it was a great success. The following year, the public was captivated by the same exhibition presented at the Musée de Gaspé. Monique, the mother, and her daughter Gisèle discovered the satisfaction of making their art accessible to all audiences, an experience that encouraged the artists to distance themselves gradually from traditional art galleries. They already envisioned a very different destiny for their art: the percentage from sales normally allocated to gallerists could fund the operation of an organization devoted to nature conservation and public education. It would take them a decade to complete this project.

Born from a daring dream, SAS Nature is destined to become the sole inheritor of the Benoit family, the guardian of a unique cultural and scientific heritage, the legacy promoting the values in which the trio believes. Gisèle Benoit is SAS Nature’s spokesperson.






















Goals, actions

SAS Nature is concerned with the impact that climate change and human activities have on wildlife. It is also concerned with the consequences of human encroachment on the last natural habitats, as evidenced by its determination to promote the creation of new parks and reserves dedicated to the total conservation of species.

SAS Nature specializes in the production and dissemination of projects aimed at raising awareness among the general public about the unsung and fascinating aspects of wildlife, plants or animals. (Publication of articles and memoirs, production of nature documentaries, organization of exhibitions, conferences and talks, publishing of books, etc.) SAS Nature manages a website publishing a variety of chronicles on nature. The organization is also active on social networks.


Did you know?



Inspired by Gisèle Benoit’s sketch, the SAS Nature logo recalls its mandate: use art and science to educate the public about the urgent need to protect wildlife, boreal forests and other natural habitats. The wolf on the left with its tail and head held high symbolizes the innovative vision associated with art;  the shy wolf scenting the ground for evidence or traces embodies all the prudence and precision of the scientific process.

The beautiful book FRISSON SACRÉ du monde sauvage was published by SAS Nature in June 2016.

The memoir BOREAL IN PERIL can be downloaded for free on the SAS Nature website.​

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